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Are you intrigued by the supernatural and fascinated by innovative devices that connect you to the other side? Dimension Devices, a pioneering company in the field of paranormal communication technology, has launched their latest product, the Chattergeist. This state-of-the-art device promises to revolutionise how we interact with spirits and entities from beyond our realm.

About Dimension Devices

Based in the heart of the United Kingdom, Dimension Devices specialises in creating advanced tools for paranormal investigators and enthusiasts. Their commitment to innovation and quality has made them a trusted name in the industry. The Chattergeist is a testament to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in spirit communication.


What is the Chattergeist?

The Chattergeist is an advanced communication device designed to facilitate real-time interactions with spirits. Utilising cutting-edge technology, it captures and amplifies paranormal frequencies, allowing users to hear and converse with entities from the beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned paranormal investigator or a curious enthusiast, the Chattergeist offers an unprecedented level of clarity and connection.

Key Features of the Chattergeist and Whats in the Box?

The Chattergeist from Dimension Devices is like opening a gateway to another realm. Here’s what you’ll find inside the box and some key features when you purchase this advanced spirit communication device.

Dimension Devices Kit

Real-Time Communication: Engage in real-time conversations with spirits, with minimal interference and high clarity.

Portable Design: Compact and easy to carry, the Chattergeist is perfect for on-site investigations.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed for both beginners and experts, the device is intuitive and easy to operate.

1. Chattergeist Device:

The centrepiece of your kit, the Chattergeist is a compact, sleek device designed for easy handling and maximum functionality.

2. Free Software Updates:

Constantly evolving functionality and performance with completely FREE but optional updates!

3. Free Dictionary Updates:

An ever-growing selection of FREE downloadable dictionaries in a variety of languages and styles (even era-specific!).

4. Free Braided USB Cable:

FREE robust and high-quality braided USB cable!

5. Free Verifiable Certificate:

A unique model number and verification code to give you access to updates, dictionaries, as well as verifying your device is official!

6. Huge Word List:

Comprehensive wordlist of over 17,300 words! That’s around 22 quadrillion combinations!

7. Huge Phonetic Combinations:

Over 330 phonetic letter combinations arranged in a 5×5 grid. That is around 31 duoquinquagintillion combinations!

8. No Subscription:

No subscription or payment required for access to the owners toolkit, updates, apps, or tools!

9. Touch & Swipe Support:

A reactive and much more intuitive control method than clumsy buttons.

10. Bluetooth (BLE) Connectivity:

Low energy Bluetooth for reading from your phone via any BLE-Reader app. Our own BLE app is in development!

11. Official Bluetooth Apps:

An official BLE Web App is available and a native phone app is in development!

12. Plugin Modifications & Extensions:

4-Pin port on the side of the device allows for official physical plugins, extensions, and mods to be used for even more functionality!

13. Dictionary Language Support:

Downloadable dictionaries in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, and Dutch!

14. Ouija Board Mode:

Shows letters based upon environmental readings.

15. Spirit “8Ball” Mode:

Shows one of 15 different results (positive/neutral/negative) from environmental readings.

16. Canvas Drawing Mode:

Generates an image or ANIMATION from shapes and pixels, generated from environmental readings. Will you see a shadow person?!

17. Letter “Onvoy” Mode:

With over 841 quadrillion combinations, this mode shows letters based on raw environmental data! Available from Firmware v1.10.

18. Emotion “Emoji” Mode:

Displays one of a range of emotions from angry to excited. Available from Firmware v1.20.

19. Planchette Mode:

Displaying both colour and direction, this mode can be very useful when using binary questioning techniques.

20. Moon Phase Integration:

Set the moon phase to influence the algorithm of the various modes.

21. Three Operating Modes:

Change the mode of operation from “Prompt” where you have manual control to “Continuous” to allow the device to keep scanning automatically or “Single” to generate one word, especially for the Dictionary Mode.

22. Large Word History:

Missed a result?! Head over to the Word History, which can hold 500 words!

23. Animated Interfaces:

Slick feeling animated interfaces!

24. Intuitive Interfaces:

Ergonomic and easy to learn menu system.

25. Customizable & Persistent Options:

Set up the device the way you want by changing options like Scan Delay, Sensitivity, Screen Brightness, Notification Colors, and more!

26. Environmental Readings:

Utilizing temperature, micro-EMF fluctuations, and Radio Frequency Noise, Chattergeist Touch reads the environment around the device.

27. Unique & In-Depth Algorithms:

Complex and accurate algorithms to select results using environmental readings.

28. Google Pixel Watch Diameter:

Conveniently the same diameter as a Google Pixel Watch, grab some screen protectors or accessories easily.

29. Super Lightweight:

Weighing in around 19 grams, Chattergeist Touch is VERY easy to transport!

30. Very High View Angle:

The high-quality screen can be viewed at almost 180 degrees!

31. Mobile Phone Power Option:

Run out of juice? Connect to a phone for power!

32. USB-C Power:

Can be powered from any USB-based power pack, phone, battery.

33. High-Quality IPS Screen:

High frequency, high colour, high contrast screen. 1.28-inch 240×240 resolution TFT display.

34. Stands Alone:

No internet, phone, or computer required! Everything is on the device!

35. Lithium-Ion Battery Power Support:

2-Pin port on the rear of the device allows for Lithium-Ion Battery power.

36. Visual Notifications:

Dictionary and Phonetic Modes can show a visual pulsing colour ring to notify you that a result is being displayed!

37. Silent Running:

So many devices want to BOOP at you or insist on taking up valuable listening time, Chattergeist Touch works silently so it doesn’t interfere!

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Affiliate Dimension Devices

Interview Questions with Barrie from Dimension Devices

Barrie Dimensions Devices

To provide our readers with deeper insights into the Chattergeist and Dimension Devices, we are excited to share an exclusive interview with Barrie the Founder behind this ground breaking product.

1. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the Chattergeist?
The inspiration behind Chattergeist stemmed from the desire to create a device that is not only more cost-effective than existing alternatives but also offers multiple operating modes, is updatable, and extensible. Essentially, it’s an ITC device with the capability to expand its functionalities over time. In essence, you could describe it as a lightweight, smartwatch for paranormal investigation.

2. What sets the Chattergeist apart from other spirit communication devices on the market?
The form-factor of Chattergeist alone is quite unique – it is the world’s first smartwatch-form paranormal investigation device. Beyond that, we are proud to be the first device to offer regular updates and extensibility. Many other ITC devices fall into one of two categories: they either perform only one function, or they perform multiple functions slowly or poorly. Our primary goal when designing the user interface and operating modes was not only to create modes that ‘just work,’ but also to achieve higher performance compared to alternative devices for a more affordable price.

3. Could you explain how the Environmental readings work and its benefits for users?
The Chattergeist utilises three onboard environmental readings in two styles. Firstly, temperature readings are obtained from a sensor on the chip of the circuit board. Secondly, Radio Frequency (RF) and micro-EMF readings are derived from the hardware based TRNG capabilities of the chip itself. We continuously poll these readings and, depending on the operating mode, either use raw readings or aggregate them into an average to detect threshold differences that yield results.

Each mode employs one of several algorithms designed to extract insights from environmental readings. These algorithms were developed over approximately two years and, when combined with the device’s sensor data, produce some compelling results.

4. What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during the development of the Chattergeist?
Memory management was a significant challenge for us, given our goal of creating an ultra-portable and wearable device. We had to carefully manage memory allocations to support not only the initial five operating modes (dictionary, phonetic, 8-ball, Ouija, canvas) but also the additional modes we’ve added over time. Currently, we introduce a new operating mode with every patch, resulting in a total of eight different operating modes, with more in development. Another major challenge was designing a user interface that is not only usable but also intuitive. We’ve often encountered ITC devices that are either confusing or unintuitive to use, and we aimed to mitigate these issues as much as possible. While we believe we’ve made significant progress in this area, we’re continuously working on further improvements in performance, optimization, and functionality for future updates.

5. How do you ensure the reliability and accuracy of the Chattergeist in capturing paranormal frequencies?
I think it’s important to quickly say that we’re not capturing anything “paranormal” but just reading the environment around the device. The theory being that spirits/entities/things can use the environment to be able to communicate through the device. Obviously due to the inherent nature of environmental readings always changing, especially when dealing with “micro” readings, the algorithms do some of the heavy lifting here. We run smoothing and averaging functions within our environmental readings alongside thresholds. So for instance, in dictionary mode; the device reads the environment ever polling interval (set in the options) and then checks the average readings against the sensitivity threshold (also set in the options) and if the average is above or below the threshold then the device runs a word selection algorithm based upon the results. This is the same as many modes on the device (and is also outlined in the user manual).

Another way we use results is unfiltered and raw, in this algorithmic mode data from the environment is used “as is” and piped directly into a generation algorithm, for instance in canvas mode to “draw” images on the screen, we use the raw data (not an average/threshold) to make colour selections and changes to obtain a result. This is also used in a few different modes and is also outlined in the user manual.

6. Can you share any notable experiences or testimonials from users of the Chattergeist?
We’ve observed a veritable plethora of fascinating results both during our testing and from other users. One intriguing phenomenon is the appearance of ‘Shadow People’ in canvas mode, which operates as follows:
– The device obtains raw environmental readings.
– It then assigns a colour to the reading based upon our selection algorithm.
– Then it draws this colour on the screen.
– Finally it reads the environment again to determine if the next colour should be lighter/darker/vibrant/desaturated/different colour entirely/etc or stay the same.
– The device then repeats this until the entire screen is covered.

Despite there being no programmed feature on the device to create black humanoid shapes, they appear with some frequency, particularly when users are actively investigating. We are currently investigating this occurrence and are uncertain as to why it happens.

In dictionary mode, we’ve also had intriguing results, particularly with very targeted words during investigations. During our very first field test at a local graveyard, I personally set the device scanning and it returned the word ‘Graveyard.’ This is significant, given that our dictionary currently contains 17,300 words. The algorithm selected only one word (out of a possible 5 to be displayed), making the chances of this happening exponentially smaller, approximately 1 in 86,000.

An interesting anecdote involves instances where users have reported receiving specific words while engaged in activities that have nothing to do with the paranormal. For example, during one session, a user was rolling a marijuana joint and using Chattergeist simultaneously. The device generated the following words, in this order:
– Marijuana
– Coated
– Tobacco
– Challenge

The probability of randomly selecting these words in this exact order, with the last word being empty, is incredibly small—smaller, in fact, than the number of grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts of Earth by a factor of 17!! In other words, you are more likely to find a specific grain of sand on Earth than to randomly select this sequence of words from the dictionary! That’s crazy to us! More crazy is that this was caught on camera in a photo!

In the letter mode (aka. The Onvoy mode), I personally have had strange results appear, the most notable was that it came up with the letter combination: “AM GOD  ” with two trailing spaces at the end. Then straight afterwards generated “IM GOD  ” again with two trailing spaces. The chances of this were incredible, I had to run it through ChatGPT to work out the chances, prepare for your mind to be blown:

– “AM GOD  ” including trailing space is a 1 in 4,850,467,200 (that’s 4.8 billion).
– “IM GOD  ” including trailing spaces in sequence with the above result is 1 in 23,516,981,412,064,640,000 (that’s 23 quintillion)

For a point of reference that is 230 MILLION times the number of estimated stars in our galaxy…! What’s more insane is that I was recording a tutorial video when this happened!

7. What future innovations can we expect from Dimension Devices in the realm of paranormal technology?
We have an exciting lineup of projects in various stages of development and research. Here are some that we’re eager to share – some are nearing completion while others are still in early development:
– The Wrist Pack: This is a wrist strap and battery pack to convert your Chattergeist into a proper wearable device.
– The Probe: This is a two-pronged device you touch against objects/walls to calibrate the device tothe object rather than the environment.
– The WeeGhoul: This is an advanced “Cat Ball” with graphing and TINY detection of movement and vibration.
– The Radio: This is a Franks Box radio with innovative interactions using user energy as a defining factor.
– The Stand: This is a long life rechargeable battery pack that can be placed on a table or held in your hand.
– The Ring: This is a small high quality ring that is placed over the top of the device in order to make the planchette mode function like a traditional Ouija board but using device readings instead of fingers on the planchette.

We have many more exciting projects in the works that we’re currently refining and developing.

8. How has the feedback been from the paranormal investigation community regarding the Chattergeist?
We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users of our device! However, we unintentionally stirred up some controversy when we released our device comparison table on our website. It appears that some device and app creators were unhappy with our approach, leading to a range of reactions from death threats to legal threats and even attempts to clone our devices. It was certainly a hectic time!

Despite these challenges, we’ve been actively contributing to #ParaUnity by organizing giveaways, competitions, and donating free devices to charities and groups. We’re incredibly grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received from the paranormal community – it truly warms our hearts! It’s lovely to be able to “give back” as well with our affiliate program that nets people 10% of every sale through their link and with community endeavors like the Discord server and the owner’s dashboard! ❤️

9. In what ways do you see the Chattergeist being used beyond traditional paranormal investigations?
This is an interesting question. We actually have a couple of non-paranormal use cases we could pursue, but right now we’re fully focused on exploring the vast potential of Chattergeist that we haven’t even touched upon yet!

In terms of paranormal investigations, we’ve seen owners using Chattergeist in ways we never envisioned. For instance, take the planchette mode, which displays an Ouija planchette and rotates it towards the edge of the screen. Originally, we tested it by placing objects, letters, and numbers around the device so the planchette would point towards them. However, users have surprised us by using it as a compass in their hand, walking in the direction the planchette points!

We believe we’ve only scratched the surface of what the device can do, both with its onboard capabilities and through potential extensions.

Dimension Devices

In Summary

The Chattergeist by Dimension Devices is a must-have for anyone passionate about the paranormal. With its innovative features and user-friendly design, it opens new doors to the unknown. Don’t miss out on the exclusive 10% discount available through our affiliate link. Explore the mystical, communicate with the beyond, and join us on this thrilling journey into the supernatural with Dimension Devices and Mystic Realm Blog.

A BIG HUGE Thank you to Barrie and Nina for this opportunity to give our readers a discount on this cutting edge device. For more information and to purchase the Chattergeist, definitely visit Dimension Devices today.

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