Protection During Paranormal Investigations

Exclusive Interview with Natasha from Blessed Branches: Witch, Artist, and Magickal Creatress

I am delighted to bring you an exclusive interview with the incredibly talented Natasha from Blessed Branches. Natasha is a hereditary witch, artist, and magickal creatress who draws inspiration from ancient natural magick, fantasy, and everyday practical witchery. Her unique creations include magickal wands, spell and potion bottles, cauldron stirring spoons, altar besoms, athames, chalices, crystal talismans, and wearable wands. With over 15 years of professional experience, Natasha crafts each piece intuitively, allowing her creativity to flow freely and trusting in her own spirit-guided hands.

I recently got in touch with Natasha to learn more about her background, her work, and her insights into spiritual protection during paranormal investigations. Here is what she had to say in our exciting Q&A:

Natasha Heard

Q: Could you share a bit about your background and what drew you to the field of magick and spiritual protection?

Natasha: I am a hereditary witch, having grown up in an environment rich with stories of great premonitions, dreams, ghostly encounters, unexplainable spiritual experiences, and channelling. For many, this might seem odd, but for us, it was a natural part of our daily conversations, especially when the aunts gathered at my Nan’s place for morning tea. As an adult, I delved deeply into these aspects and, being naturally drawn to the arts, used my skills to create magickal tools and talismans for witches and magickal folk worldwide. My work is designed to empower and protect.

Q: What do you see as the most significant risks during paranormal investigations?

Natasha: I remember hearing stories of my mum and her siblings using Ouija boards and things going wrong, but instead of scaring me, it pushed me to experience things for myself. Through many Ouija sessions and spirit contact, I learned how to protect my energy and space. Problems often occur because people don’t know how to protect themselves, their energy, or they lack the skills to connect with respect and close sessions properly.

Q: What are your top recommendations for protecting oneself during a paranormal investigation?

Natasha: Here are my top tips for contacting spirits via Ouija:

  1. Meditate, ground your energy, and visualise yourself in a protective bubble.
  2. Ask your ancestors in spirit and your guides to protect you, those around you, and the place you are in.
  3. Use a herb bundle to clear and cleanse the space, create a beautiful vibe with candles, and add offerings to the spirits.
  4. Clear the energies of yourself and all involved with the herb bundle.
  5. Speak clearly of your intentions, make contact, and once done, thank the spirit and say goodbye.
  6. Clear and cleanse each person again with herbal smoke, cleanse the space, pack up the Ouija board, and thank your ancestors and guides.

Q: How can investigators ensure their homes and loved ones are protected from negative energies they might bring back from an investigation?

Natasha: Use the same psychic protection in paranormal investigations. If a spirit attaches itself to you, be very firm. Speak with the spirit, explaining that no good can come from their attachment and that they have loved ones waiting for them. Usually, they will disappear quickly. Remember, all ghosts were once human and have spirits they love waiting for them.

Q: What protective tools or items do you recommend for those going on paranormal investigations?

Natasha: Essential items include herb bundles, personal protective talismans, grounding crystals like Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian, or Tourmaline, and my favourite protective crystal, Staurolite (the Fairy Cross). For home protection, hang Hag stones at the front and back doors, make Rosemary or Lavender wreaths, keep your home clean, and free of clutter, and clear and cleanse with herb bundles regularly.

Q: Can you explain the importance of intention and mental focus in shielding oneself from negative energies?

Natasha: Your mindset is everything! Only do spirit work after meditating and with a clear mind. Never contact spirits if upset, angry, feeling depressed, or unwell. Stay positive and in your power at all times when working with spirits.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who has already experienced a harmful attachment or negative energy?

Natasha: Seek a professional if you can’t rid yourself of the attachment. I often deal with this, connecting psychically to clear away negativity and talk with the spirit. I provide an energy upgrade and healing simultaneously. My inner energy sanctuary in the ethers is where I work daily in meditation to protect, heal, and clear with the help of my guides and the individual’s guides.

Q: Are there any specific rituals or practices you recommend for cleansing and grounding after an investigation?

Natasha: To ground properly, get comfortable, take deep breaths, and feel your energy. Visualise your energy flowing down through the Earth into its core, asking Mother Earth to keep you grounded. Each person may have their unique way of doing this.

Q: How can beginners in paranormal investigations start learning about and practising spiritual protection?

Natasha: Beginners should practise meditation daily, building strong connections with their ancestors and guides, and having faith in their own powers and magickal practices. They should create their own rituals and learn from experience. Stay out of fear mentality and learn as much as possible about psychic protection.

Q: Could you share a memorable experience where your protection methods were particularly effective?

Natasha: Sharing snippets of a Ouija session online often brings concerns for my safety, but I have found so much love and healing from connecting with spirits. Family members are happy to reconnect, sometimes bringing all family and friends in spirit to say hello. Always remember to say GOODBYE!

I have always had contact with spirits, I seek out ghosts because I want to help them move on, I speak to my own ancestors often and even do work in the spirit realms to heal them from the traumas they have experienced while in their bodies. For some I suppose the connection to spirit realms is easier than it is for others, coming from a family of believers has definitely helped me to have a healthy relationship with the dead… SO this is why I do the work most others do not or cannot and I feel a responsibility to share this knowledge with those who seek to know about these things unseen.

Natasha’s expertise and dedication to her craft are truly inspiring. A MASSIVE HUGE thank you to her for sharing her knowledge and experiences with us about Protection During Paranormal Investigations. 

Be sure to follow Natasha on Instagram and Facebook for more magick, adventures, works in progress, and sneak peeks into her online witchy workshops!


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